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What’s in my bag? Makeup! 

Hello~ everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you all have some great plans for the weekend, because sadly I have to work, so I hope you share your fun plans with me!

Today I’m going to show you what is in my makeup bag and in what order I use it. Now before we get started, this isn’t a sponsored ad or anything, I’m just sharing the products I use and enjoy! Also, I’ve only started wearing makeup in the past two years or so- and even then, it’s more of a ‘minimalist’ look- so I’m always looking up tip and tricks!

One thing I’ve always been super self-conscious of is- surprise surprise- my face, especially when I’m having a particularly bad breakout. I’ve always had that awkward, not-skinny-not-pudgy kind of face while growing up, and my chubby cheeks didn’t really help. With my baby-face, people tend to think I’m much younger than I actually am when they first meet me, and yes, I know I’ll be thankful for that when I’m older. Lately though, it seems to have the effect of people not seeing me as an adult, and that’s been extremely frustrating, especially as I’ve tried to assert myself more as an adult.

Since I’ve started wearing a bit of makeup though, I think it has helped a bit with my own self-confidence and self image. Of course, just because I cover my zit and slap on some mascara doesn’t magically change me or how I perceive myself, but it does help in it’s own little way, plus it can be really fun to wear gold eyeliner one day or maybe even purple lipstick!

Sooooo~ let’s get started!


Here’s a nice little flat-lay of my kit. As you can see, I don’t use too many different things! I got my bag from Forever21 about 2 1/2 years ago or so, and I absolutely LOVE it! Sharks are my all-time favorite animal, and this bag is the perfect size to keep in my bathroom or stuff into an overnight/weekend bag.

I won’t go too in depth with my skincare/cleaning products, but I do try to take great care of my skin to make sure it looks as nice as possible without any cosmetics. I wash my face with a gentle cleanser and use one of those little brushes that are specifically or your face, and always use moisturizer. Here are a few ‘rules’ I try to make myself follow in regards to skincare:

  • DO NOT sleep in makeup! It’s really not good for your skin, and for me it also feels super icky. Micellar water and some cotton pads are my item of choice to clean up after a long day, it works great and I don’t need to rinse my face afterwards. (I’ll admit, there have been a small handful of times I’ve skipped out on this, oops!)
  • DO NOT pick at your face! You probably know this already, and it’s super obvious, but I’ll confess this is a bad habit of mine. If you get a pimple or breakout, don’t pick at it please! Use whatever product works best for you to get rid of acne, and keep those fingers away!
  • DO drink plenty of water and eat food that’s good for your skin! Once again, something you’ve probably already learned. I’ve been cutting down on my junk food/sugar intake, and I can definitely tell a difference! Though I still can’t resist the occasional bag of chips or cherry coke 😉
  • DO make sure you’re using products that work for your skin type! I have oily/combination skin, and I’m pretty careful about what products I use to keep my T-zone from getting that oily glow by lunchtime.

These are some of the guidelines I follow, though always do a little research to see what works best for you! Now, let’s go take a peek inside my makeup kit!


The first thing I do is prep my face with a primer. I use Master Prime by Maybelline, in 200 Illuminate, and  works really great at prepping my face and giving it a subtle glow. Then for my foundation, I use Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation, and I apply it with one of those spongy beauty blenders (mine is one of those orange ones from Walmart, it’s also really fun to squeeze!). I’ve recently switched over to this foundation, and I really like the coverage it gives me, and it stays matte throughout the day! Also I am super ghost-like, so I always end up picking the palest foundation lol.


Next I’ll use the DreamLumi highlighting concealer pen by Maybelline on the area under my eyes and a little on the inside corner of the lid, to help brighten them up. Sometimes I’ll put some on the side/creases of my nose, or on any blemishes I have at the time if it needs it. Then I’ll do a swipe of the Master Strobing stick (also by Maybelline, I have a lot of Maybelline) on my cheekbones and blend the edges of that a bit. The shade I have of that is the illuminating/iridescent one, and I think it gives me a nice subtly-magic kind of look. I’ll blend either of these with a brush- both of them ELF from Target- or with the little corner bit of my beauty blender.


After the general-face-area is done, I move onto eyes! First, I use black eyeliner on the upper waterline of my eye, and try very hard not to poke my eye out like my mother warned me I might do (it only happened once, I swear!). For most days I’ll either do a simple eyeliner in black, or brown if I’m looking for a more subtle look. My two favorite styles are the ‘puppy’ style or a simple cat-eye. I’m not too good at the whole symmetry thing, so I’ll start with as fine a line as possible and slowly add more until I’m satisfied with the look. On days when I’m feeling particularly fabulous, I’ll do a line of gold or copper to really make my blue eyes pop!


Usually I’ll put on mascara to finish my eyes, unless I’m adding some eyeshadow. Now, I’ve only started recently to add eyeshadow, and I did extensive Pinterest-searching to see what would give me the look I was wanting, and what also seemed the most beginner-friendly. The Blushed Nudes palette by Maybelline seemed the best choice, so I picked it up along with some simple eye brushes. I love the subtle, feminine shades, and I love the different matte and metallic colors. Once I’ve gotten my eyes the way I like, I use a simple brow pencil to give me some actual eyebrows, seeing as how mine are sadly thin and light, and I love me some good ol’ Bold Brows.

When I was younger though, that was not always the case! One day my older sister had an eyebrow pencil (or maybe it was actually eyeliner?), and me being the sweet, trusting, nine-year-old little sister, asked her to give me some eyebrows. “Not too big though!” I said, worried about looking too silly. She assured me she wouldn’t, so I quietly sat there and let my preteen sister have her way with my brows and that pitch-black pencil.

Well…. let’s just say I didn’t quite appreciate the half-inch-thick rectangles she gave me.

Ahem, well, anyway, that’s it for my makeup routine! After I’m done, I’ll give my face a good few spritz of my ELF makeup setting spray, then swipe on some tinted lip balm or lipstick depending on my mood and plans for the day. As long as I don’t get too distracted, my makeup routine takes about 20-30 minutes on a regular day, maybe less if I decided to sleep in and I’m running late.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside my makeup bag and seeing what all I use, I enjoyed sharing this with you! Have any of you done any crazy makeup looks that you secretly loved, or have a funny story about when you started using makeup? I’d love to hear about it! Happy Friday everyone!


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  1. Loved this! Always nice to see what’s inside of other people’s makeup bags! I loved this and I’m looking forward to reading your future content!
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💗, Mena from

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