DIY Hair Comb

Well, it’s Monday again! I’m sooo not ready for another week of work and chores and projects to start, but here I go! To start this week off on a fun note, I’m posting my first DIY project.

This is a simple and versatile project that took me about 10 minutes to do, all while setting up the supplies and taking pics with my smartphone. These hair combs are a cheap yet fun craft you can whip up in no time, and make tons for every trend and outfit you can imagine. You can use just about kind of craft supplies on these, and they’re super fun to wear! All you need to make these are:

  • plastic hair combs. The ones I have are from a multi-pack from Walmart, with 3 each of brown, black, and clear combs. They have packs with fewer combs if you’d like to start with just a few.
  • hot glue gun. For gluing stuff, of course.
  • buttons. Or whatever you’d like to glue on, like beads or pompoms.
  • embroidery thread. You can do a rainbow, school colors, or your favorite color palette.
  • washi tape. I have all kinds; fabric, glitter, regular, ribbon could work too!

Alrighty, let’s get on to the fun stuff!


For the first comb, pick your first color of embroidery thread that you want to use and tie a knot around the end comb-spoke-thing, and move the end along the length of the comp to hide it. Start wrapping it around the top of the comb, moving it from one side to the next, until you’re ready to switch colors.

With your next color, tie the ends together and cut the ends short- but not too short!- and repeat the process, until you reach the end. When you reach the end of the comb, tie the thread in a knot and tuck in the end of the thread, or cut it short so it doesn’t show.


All done! So cute, right? On to the next one! For this comb I’m gluing buttons on, though you could use just about anything that will fit. Ribbon, beads, or mini pompoms.


First lay out the buttons to see how many you’ll need. I decided to just do a single layer of buttons, and since it’s gonna be Fourth of July soon I went ahead and dug up some red, white, and blue buttons to use.


It’s a very straight-forward process. Just dab a bit of hot glue on the button, and stick it on the comb. Be careful of course, don’t burn your fingers!


Ta-da! Very easy, very cute! I got jars full of buttons, and you can find them at thrift stores in all kinds of colors, you can even get some little buttons in different shapes at stores like Walmart or a craft store.

Okay so now onto the final style. For this one I was going to use a gold glittery tape, but it didn’t want to work out so I had to find a different kind of tape to use.

Luckily, I own a lot of different kinds of washi tape.


Since the gold wasn’t working, I picked out a fabric tape that has a very Liberty-esque floral pattern. I used some small scissors to cut a few clips on one side of the tape about halfway through. Since the combs are curved, these clips in the tape will help it fold over better. Just cut the length of tape that will fit the comb, lay the uncut half of tape over the front of the comb (the part that curves toward you)  press the other side down, and that’s it!



There you go! Three adorable, easy to make and easy to wear combs! I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, and your new hair accessories! Have a great week everyone, enjoy it and do your best!



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