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Checking in on my 2017 Goals

Oh my gosh you guys, today is National Pink Day!! I am sooooo excited, I just love pink! It’s such a wonderfully beautiful color, I’ll never understand why I used to hate it… (well actually I realize now it was that pesky patriarchy, but more on that later). Now, I fully embrace my love for pink, and how it can be soft or edgy, innocent or strong, depending on what you pair with it and how you carry yourself, but this is not a post for pink, it’s to check in on my resolutions I made for this year, so let’s get to it.


It’s June now, and the year is halfway over, so now seems like as good a time as any to go over all the goals and things I wanted to do this year and see what progress I’ve made so far into this year.

Now of course, I thought that I would clearly remember what my goals to accomplish this year, since I wanted to really push myself to complete them… but it looks like I didn’t write them down, or at least I forgot where I put them…. silly me! Regardless, my goals have been pretty consistent for the past few years, so no worries! Let’s go over what I’ve got so far for my top three…

#1 Be More Open with my Thoughts/Feelings.

This is one I’m still working on at times, but I can already notice a change compared to how I was in the past. For me, opening up to someone- or anyone for that matter- is harder than pulling teeth. Any time I even so much as think of sharing my inner thoughts with someone, I can feel my chest get tight and my hands turn clammy, and that fear and anxiety creep up on me.

It’s become a real problem, especially when there are times I really need to speak up. Like if I need to share something that’s weighing on my mind with my husband or a close friend, or if something I don’t agree with is going on and I need to excuse myself. Since I started going to therapy, it’s helped quite a bit to have someone I have to open up to, and it’s made me more comfortable sharing things.

It’s still hard at times, of course, but it’s getting better. I’m getting better.

#2 Sew a Dress

For one of my more hobby-related goals, I chose to sew a dress. I do quite a bit of sewing, those what I tend to make amounts to small things, like zipper pouches, mug cozies, and one (not-so-great) quilt. I’ve made about 2 skirts, and both were essentially rectangles with no shape or style at all. So I’ve done my typical “preparing” type of procrastination, where I compile a list of different sewing tutorials, gather up some patters, and add to my hoard of fabric, and never quite start that dreaded project of mine…

until a few weeks ago.

That’s right, I finally made a dress. Cut out a pattern and everything! I used some fabric that my mom had given me, a white cotton with the Juicy Couture logo scattered over it in black. I don’t quite recall why that fabric was originally bought… but I had quite a bit of it, and didn’t mind using it up for a “practice” dress. The pattern I used has a simple sleeveless bodice attached to a straight skirt, and it does need a bit of adjustments to make it fit better, but it’s done!

I’m really proud of myself for sticking to it all the way through, and I’m already working on my next sewing project, a skirt that’s more than just two rectangles with some elastic.

#3 Go to College

This one isn’t quite done… but I did the first step already! Yesterday at a technical college near me, I went and took a tour of the campus, along with getting some more information on the courses they offered that I was interested in. It also just so happened to be their Free Application day, so score! I went ahead and wrote in an application, and now I just got to get some other stuff done before classes start up later on.

I will confess I was really nervous towards the end of the day, and almost even backed out of the whole thing entirely. I was homeschooled my whole life, and while it does have it perks, I’m now super uncomfortable with anything school-related, especially when I have to do extra steps for getting transcripts and test scores and all that.

However, I’m tired of feeling like I’m falling behind everyone else academically, and any career I want in the future would be closer in reach if I had at least some kind of college education. Not to mention I can’t help feeling embarrassed putting only High School education level down on my resume, and I’m almost 25 years old, yikes! So even though I have a ways to go, I’m glad I finally took this first step to get further on in life.

I have a quite a few more goals and things I want to work on in life, but these were my top three regarding my personal, fun, and academic goals. I guess I’ll have to dig around some more to find that entire list for when the end up this year comes around, but I’m on a roll so far!

Hope you all have a great Friday, and don’t forget to push yourself to reach your goals as well!



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